IT Solutions for Small Business

Affordable, Secure & Smart

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Pay As You Go

No plans or minimums.  We understand our clients need help on an ‘as needed’ basis.


10 minutes of waiting per day on old computers adds up…


How long can your business continue without its data?

Digital Solutions

Eliminate human error and reduce processing time via integrations.

Reducing costs for every small business need

Your competitive advantage:  less overhead.  Solutions that fit your needs and budget.


As a virtual business, Zircuit Solutions has little overhead, so our rates are competitive. Further, when purchasing products or software through our partners, we pass our savings on to you.

No service contracts, no minimums, and no rip-offs.


We have a knack and passion for solving business challenges and identifying areas of improvement.  Business owners tend to be talented in their industry, but don’t have the time to learn how to set up a domain name, implement online billing, or shop around for replacement computers.

For example, office staff shouldn’t be entering the same data in two or three spots.  We can leverage integrations to process the data for you.