Domain Registry Letter – JUNK!

If you received a letter that warns your domain name is going to expire, and wants you to register your domain with them – trash it!

These are outrageous prices for just domain name registration – it’s $12 for a .com!

Unfortunately, if you did not purchase domain privacy protection ($15/year with our hosting provider), you might get emails or mailers like this. This letter is deceiving, it sounds urgent you could risk losing your domain. Only the highlighted sentence below gives away they are a provider. They’re just trying to pressure you into spending money and transferring your domain name to them (can we trust them?), but there’s no company on the letter unless you count “Domain Registry” and as companies.

This is a screenshot of, an overpriced domain host.

You’re paying them, and you won’t get your money back. $50/year to hold your domain!? Last I checked, on my wholesale account with my hosting provider, it’s $12/year and $15 more for domain privacy protection.

Domain Privacy Protection

This is a paid service that registers the ICANN and WHOIS information to an “office space” address that your hosting provider purchased for this reason. All the junk and mail will go to this address. Worried you’ll miss something? No, you won’t – the only important things you need to worry about are from your hosting provider, and you’d likely see a message in your portal when you login if you had a message.